Why it’s so easy to pass the salt!


Hey, can you pass the salt?     Sure!  

Can you drop me at my Dr. Appointment on Friday?     Yep!  

Will you help me move my couch this afternoon?     No prob!   

Hey – I’m looking for a new job; can you keep your eyes open for me? Ummmmm….. Maybe???

Whoa.. what happened? Whats the difference?   Things just got a little bit more complex didn’t they?

I’d love to help, I just don’t know how – it’s too big. Where to start? What should I do?  Oh crap – I forgot to get milk… Whoops the ask just got shelved.   damn it…   I fully intend to “keep my eyes open for you” but 3 weeks later, good will and intentions may still be all you have.  I need help from you so I can help you.

What would happen if you said:   “Hey Jeff I’m on the market and want to get into Medtronic.  I see you know Jim Jones over there and I’d love if you could make an intro for me”.

Now that’s  a specific, direct, actionable request. No ambiguity there!  That person just made it easy for me.  I don’t have to guess where to start.   It’s not too big – it’s an easy ask and we will probably get some resolution.  All it took was a few minutes on LinkedIn, or any social site for that matter, to investigate common connections.  It’s time so well invested.

And so for all areas of life:  Have the courage to ask; but by doing a little background investigating pre-ask, you will make it worlds easier for everyone!

That’s it for the day – have a great week everyone!

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