Professional employee search

Employee search is challenging.  Insitu meets this challenge through a tested and structured methodology.



Job descriptions are great, but it’s critical to go beyond the requirements and find out what’s going to make someone successful in the role.  We learn what this person needs to accomplish that will define success.  This deep dive ensures not only will candidates be professionally well suited to your role, but culturally and motivationally suited as well.  It’s a recipe for sustained success!


Insitu’s research based recruiting model means we reach candidates others do not.  We don’t live on job boards, and don’t advertise our client positions.  We work with you to define the need and then dig in; researching and then assessing candidates for skill, motivation, and cultural fit.


Candidate attraction starts with a deep knowledge of your company culture as well as the position at hand.  We serve as an extension of your company as we scan the marketplace for the perfect candidates.  It’s our job to vet those candidates who are not only qualified, but also those that have passion around your company and your opportunity.  Motivational and cultural alignment between company and candidate are often more critical than the experience brought to the table.


Offer stage is complex and a time candidates are known to derail.   Insitu starts this conversation at the beginning of candidate engagement and reassesses throughout the recruitment process to ensure candidate and client have no surprises.  Compensation, giving notice, on-boarding, and overall transition are critical areas to stay on top of throughout the recruitment process.

Experienced professionals to Corporate leadership searches in these functional areas:


Engineering: EE, ME, CE, Environmental, Geotechnical, Manufacturing, RF, Aerospace, Systems, Software, Hardware, Quality, Process, Controls, Mission Assurance.

Finance / Operations

Finance, Analyst, Accounting, FP&A, Facilities, Operations Manager, General Manager.


Procurement, Supply Chain, Sourcing, Buyer.

Human Resources

Human Resources, Generalist, Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Comp and Benefits.

Program Management

Program Manager, Project Manager, Logistics.

Business Development

Business Development: Consumer, Retail, Government Contracting, Healthcare services, Contract Manufacturing.


Marketing, Advertising, Communications, Public Relations.


Network Engineer, Systems Admin, DBA, QA, Developer, Test, Director IT.

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Our professional search provides clients the high service and execution of top tier retained firms with complete search customization and reduced cost.  When partnering with Insitu, we will scope position needs, anticipate roadblocks, and communicate candidly from search inception, to completion, and beyond.