Sure you’ve done stuff – but are you any good???



I look at resumes all day long.


It’s what I’ve been doing professionally for the past 15 years.  In that time I’ve seen some pretty interesting, funny, and down right shocking stuff on a resume; including the enthusiastic young admin with an “eticulous attention for detail”.  Mistakes happen – but when you’re calling out your awesome, you better be spot on!

People are more savvy these days with resume content – but ironically the thing most frequently left off resumes are what hiring managers care about most.

The results!

We know what you did – From company to company, most jobs are pretty homogeneous.  What separates you from the field is how awesome you were in doing these “things”!

Brag – but be honest.  Without the results, we have no way of knowing if you were great, average, or just plain lousy on the job.

You redesigned a sales process?  Cool!  What happened as a result?  You added a new business segment your first quarter?  Excellent!  How did that increase revenue?  You came up with a new way to process invoices?  Right on!  How much time did it save?

The purpose of a well written resume is to make a hiring manager say “ok, I really need to call this person because they will make an impact on the job”!

So don’t forget the results – your new manager won’t!